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Ní Eochaidh

Aoife is a clinical expert in the field of Men and Women’s Health & Continence, she provides leadership and strategic vision through her clinical and consultancy work and also contributes to teaching and research. Aoife is a peer nominated Medico Legal Pelvic Physiotherapy Expert, providing services in the UK & Ireland.

About Aoife

Aoife works in International Pelvic Physiotherapy Management as a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist (Men and Women’s Health & Continence).

Aoife provides expert physiotherapy assessment and treatment for Men and Women with Incontinence (Bladder and Bowel), Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Obstructed Defecation, Pelvic Pain, Sexual Dysfunction, Osteoporosis and Pelvic Lymphoedema.

Aoife uses manual therapy, exercise therapy and electrotherapy.

Aoife is a County Clare Native but is married to a Galway Man. She is mum of three (and one dog). Aoife is the founder of International Pelvic Physiotherapy Management (IPPM), she was inspired to work in pelvic floor physiotherapy seeing first hand the awful impact pelvic dysfunctions had on her late Grandmother, Eileen O’Sullivan.

Aoife early on in her career changed from an interest in sports physio to pelvic physio having seen the advances in research and being inspired by the great work carried out by her pelvic physiotherapy colleagues in the UK.

Aoife firmly believes that pelvic floor problems are awful but that pelvic physio treatment result are great!


‘Winner BPW Galway & Irish Permanent Young Business Woman of the Year’.

‘Thanks to my Physio Award’ – Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) Award Winner.

Aoife Ní Eochaidh was the winner of the BPW Galway & Irish Permanent Young Businesswoman of the year award for her outstanding women’s health physiotherapy private practice. It was a great honour for Aoife to win this award and she cherishes the experience, all the friends she made through the process and the chance it gave her to let people know that much needed help is available to successfully treat pelvic floor muscle conditions and give people back a good quality of life.

Aoife was also the winner of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) competition ‘Thanks to my Physio Award’. Patients were invited to nominate physiotherapists who had provided outstanding care and had enormously improved the lives of their patients. Ms Helen Devaney for Co Mayo nominated Aoife for the tremendous, help, support and excellent treatment results allowing Helen to lead a normal life again due her severe bladder and bowel problems. It was great honour for Aoife to be nominated for this award and to win it. It was a pleasure for Aoife to treat Helen and to see the great improvements in her quality of life after attending Aoife for Pelvic Physiotherapy.


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"The pelvic floor problems can be awful but the treatment results are great!"


Aoife Ní Eochaidh

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