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NeuroTrac Electrotherapy Device


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NeuroTrac Electrotherapy Device includes Anuform Probe Electrode

NeuroTrac is a type of neuromuscular electrical stimulation device (NMES) that can be used with surface stick on electrodes (placed on the skin) or a probe electrode (placed inside the body). The device should be used five days a week for 12 weeks. The device contracts and relaxes the pelvic floor muscles correctly and the pelvic nerves are stimulated as well. It gives a comfortable tingling sensation in the tissues. IPPM recommends that NeuroTrac is used under the supervision of your GP or Pelvic Physiotherapist.



NeuroTrac is a type of neuromuscular electrical stimulation therapy which trains the pelvic floor muscles when they are very weak, and it also stimulates the pelvic nerves. It is an amazingly comfortable therapy used with an internal probe. It is evidence based and the probe used was invented by a Doctor of Physiotherapy and who was awarded an OBE.

NeuroTrac can be used along with your pelvic physiotherapy sessions with Aoife in the clinic or by video call. Some insurance cover might be available depending on your policy. Aoife will advise you.


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