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At International Pelvic Physiotherapy Management (IPPM), we are committed to providing evidence-based, tried and tested, high quality services.

Aoife Ní Eochaidh

Aoife Ni Eochaidh

A Chartered Physiotherapist and clinical expert in the field of Men’s and Women’s Health & Continence, International Pelvic Physiotherapy Management.


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Our Philosophy

We use modern non-invasive technologies to ensure optimal results. We are passionate about the pelvic floor and provide our services and care with kindness. The pelvic floor problems can be awful but the treatment results are great!


What Our Clients Say

I found the Home Pelvic Routine for Women with Urge Incontinence a huge help for my incontinence.

I can’t believe after only one month that I am so much better now.

Thank you so much!


Age 52, Galway

The home Pelvic Routine for Women with Stress Urinary Incontinence is clear, easy to use, and concise. It was so helpful to be able to watch the videos over and over to learn and fully master the steps, it’s a great program and I am seeing results after just three weeks!


Age 47, County Clare

I am delighted with the improvements in my Constipation and in the difficulty, I had emptying my bowel since I started Home Pelvic Routine for Constipation and difficulty emptying the bowel. My problems are so much better now, the pelvic floor training and the other routines in the program really work!


Age 38, County Roscommon

I found the Home Pelvic Routine for men with Stress Urinary Incontinence so good! It’s great to be able to use technology such as the digital on-line Home Pelvic Routine, using my tablet or smart phone in privacy and comfort at home. This innovative e-health technology allowed me to save on costs and time on pelvic physiotherapy appointments in the clinic. I am not using as many pads now too, so I am so delighted with my results so far!


Age 60, Dublin

Home Pelvic Routine for women with Mixed Urinary Incontinence has been life changing for me! The awesome step by step approach of a new video and a new e-book for each of the three weeks doing the routine was so easy to follow. The way the routine is put together gives much better results than just doing the exercises on your own. I will definitely be keeping it up for life now. My mother had seven of us and she’s now interested in doing it too!


Age 51, Galway

I found the Home Pelvic Routine for women with Prolapse so helpful. The routines are easy to follow, the steps are at the right level for a beginner with very weak pelvic floor muscles. I now know where my pelvic floor muscles are, and I feel I now finally know how to train them properly. My prolapse doesn’t feel as bad now and I am hoping to avoid a ring pessary or surgery in the future.


Age 35, County Mayo


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